Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any Setup Fees

No, there are no setup fees. Butif you want us to supply a NBN modem with a telephone adapter you can either pay for it up front for $199.00 OR agree to stay with Koala for at least 24 months.

Also see Number Transfer fees below.

What calls are NOT included

All plans include Local and National calls to standard Australian landline numbers.
Most plans also include calls to Australian Mobiles

Calls excluded are all other calls, such as :-

Calls to 13/1300/1800 numbers
Calls to Service numbers such as directory assistance
Calls to Premium services e.g. 1900
Calls to overseas numbers (see International inclusions below)
Calls to Satellite phones.

International included  calls

Some of our plans include some international destinations. These are defined as calls to standard landline numbers withing that country. They MAY not include calls to mobile numbers within that country. Some countries have different rates for calls to mobiles from landlines. Call us to check which countries have different rates.


Can I keep my existing number.

Yes. But we will be charged a fee by the "losing carrier". We will pass that cost on. It is usually only $55 for a single number. If you have more than one number, call us for a price.

Are there any Contracts

No, if you pay for your modem.

In normal circumstances there are no contracts. You can leave us at any time. The only variation to that is if you ask us to supply a new modem or telephone, and do not pay for it upfront. If you want Koala to provide those hardware equipment free of charge, we ask that you stay with Koala for a minimum of 24 Months.

If you then decided to leave us you only have to pay out the balance of the telephone cost.

The "exit" cost is calcualted by taking the norrmal "up front" price of the equipmnet divede by 24 and multiplying it by the number of months left of the 24 months.

e.g. Leaving after 16 months. Upfront costs is $199.00

Upfront price / 24 months x 8
$199 /24 = $8.29
$8.29 x (24-16) = $66.33


Can I make calls to triple zero.

No. We do support calls to 000. We reccomend you use a mobile phone to call 000.

Does Koala supply an Email service.

No. We do not supply any email services. They are so many excellent free ones available. Try Gmail.